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About us

Our laboratory has started up in November 2015. We study biomechanics and fluid dynamics of flying / swimming animals aiming to create biomimetic small, agile, and safe aerial / aquatic robots. We also focus on biological micro structures of such animals and micro fabrication technologies for biomimetic components. Through these studies, we innovate biomimetic mechanisms possessing biological softness and micro structures.


For international doctoral course students

We welcome prospect doctoral-course students majoring in fluid dynamics, robotics, control system, micro fabricaiton, biomechanics, and other area related to our work. Please find admission information of the Tokyo Tech from the link below.

For postdoctoral researchers

You can apply to JSPS fellowship for funding support in Japan. Please check the link below.

*We do not accept research students.







Lab flyer for new undergraduate students in Spring 2019


Tokyo Tech

School of Engineering
Dept. Mech. Eng.
Grad. Major in Mech. Eng.

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